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My macro photography setup


Pictures of my macro photography setup - reversing ring, and ultra-ghetto flash diffuser (the reversed lens sticks out pretty far, and for very close-up shots the lens casts a shadow; the diffuser provides some light from higher up and farther forward, eliminating the shadow).  
Focus and zoom are completely manual. Aperture control is an enormous pain - you have to use Av mode, set the aperture, and then hold the DoF preview button while unmounting the lens. It doesn't help that with the lens reversed (or if you zoom) the focal lengths change, so the f/# you get is unlikely to match what you'd expect.  
The adapter costs less than $15 on ebay; I bought mine from seller "treasuresale" for <$12 total (other sellers wanted ridiculous shipping fees or shipped from East Asia so it'd have taken a long time to arrive).

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